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Tres Generaciones – Blue Label

The MKVI Golf R meets its older (VR6 equipped) cousins here on American soil.  Until I am able to take the wheel of VW’s hottest hatch, let’s all live vicariously through eurotuner (online content coming soon, including on-track footage at

While on the subject of Volkswagen R cars, now is as good a time as any to revisit my review of the MKV R32


Cars & Coffee – 5.28.11

Irvine, CA
Perhaps I am spoiled by the consistent amazingness of Cars & Coffee… nothing blew me away this morning.  Of course, the usual suspects were in attendance; a handful of Italian exotica, all of Germany’s fastest cars as well as some modified JDM & USDM powerhouses.  Worth noting, an insane HKS GTR (that followed me to the show, closing a large gap on the freeway rather quickly), a 1967 SAAB Sonett II still under the care of it’s original owners son & a wild Perana Zagato Milano.  A what now?  Perana, a South African automaker, teamed with famed coachbuilder Zagato for what looks to be a TVR / Corvette mash-up.  You be the judge.
Of course, no day would be complete without some window shopping – check out the immaculate Tesla showroom, featuring a car I will never understand, the Roadster Sport (more on my lack of love for non-combustion motors another time).

Cars & Coffee – 5.21.11

Up bright and early this morning for America’s best weekly car show.  At first glance, nothing truly stood out – that of course until I realized a legit 289 Cobra, Ferrari 275 GTS Roadster (1 of 200 built) and beautiful SAAB Quantum III (never “truly” produced) were in attendance!  On my way home, I stopped by my local Ferrari store to check out a fantastic silver Enzo.

 CLICK HERE or below for the gallery, and enjoy the show!

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Bimmerfest 2011

Pasadena’s famous Rose Bowl played host to Bimmerfest yesterday, and I was there with my shaky camera skills to capture the action.  I will keep the verbiage brief, as an event is best described through imagery.  That said, I give this years entrants a B to B+… some fantastic vehicles were on display, however, it was a challenge to find builds that truly moved the game forward.