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July 3, 2011

Stars & Stripes

by JHW

Happy Birthday America!  I choose to pay homage to this great nation by rattling off my favorite vehicles ever to be produced in the US of A.  The list is in no particular order, and goes eleven deep, because that is how many selections it took me to get to a Camaro.

11.  1969 Chevy Camaro – Raw, beautiful, iconic and it only gets better with age.

10.  Saleen S7 – A true American exotic, world beater, and testament to one mans vision.  Beautiful in any color… and they tried them all!

9.  Corvette C6 Z06 – Yes, even more than the mighty ZR-1, the rawness of the naturally aspirated LS7 motor pulls at my heart strings.  Sounds great, goes like stink and costs as it should.

8.  1995 Mustang Cobra R – Sold only to SCCA members, 250 of these cowl hooded, 5.8 liter V8 track-day hero’s were sold in appliance white with horrific beige cloth interiors stolen from the rental car fleet 6 cylinder version.  Love it.

7.  1996 Dodge Viper GTS – All Vipers should be blue with white stripes.  Like apple pie & baseball… on wheels.

6.  GMC Typhoon – No need for a tow hitch, the only thing this SUV hauls is ass.

5.  1967 Mustang GT500 – Of all the fast Mustangs, this will always be “the one”.

4.  2011 Mustang GT500 – Who’s the BOSS, not the one with the 5 liter, at least not this year!  Big power with a hint of blower whine… tasty.

3.  Shelby 427 Cobra – I wouldn’t even need to drive it; polishing it with a diaper and listening to the rumble of its lumpy cam would be enough for me.

2.  Ford GT40 – The original was worth remaking for a reason.  Always shocking how small this 39 inch supercar is, like a Lotus Exige strapped to a rocket ship.

1.  Ford GT – Though this list is not in order, the GT still had to be #1, as it is the best supercar America will ever build.  I’ll have mine in Tungsten, with no stripes.  Please.

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